Frequently Asked Questions

-What is the minimum number of participants?
10 people

-What does a workshop entail?
Every workshop is making the recipe of ‘Beet-uccino’. (it contains beet root, carrots, ginger, pine-apple, lime, sweet pepper, some ginger)

From the second and following juices, you have to choose an additional green juice from the list above. One selected green juice will be made on forehand for the tasting entailed in the slow drinks for fun-workshop.Two other recipes will be made on the spot.

-How does a workshop run?
The workshop starts with a explanation of the ingredients and the fully detailed mission of SAHHA; why Sophie Decorte changed her career from Sales & Marketing manager into the first green Juice sommelier in Belgium. Afterwards everyone gets green juices to drink made on the spot, freshly made by the green juice sommelier.
Everyone depending on the chosen formula will be able to use a professional slow juicer with the necessary attributes and ingredients fully prepared on forehand. Hygienic gloves are foreseen for everyone So everyone can follow or participate at the workshop as a real green juice sommelier. Some volunteers will be asked to cut the pine-apple or other fruits.
Green Juices are a tasty alternative to cocktails, it does not contain any alcohol or dairy products; the green juices are fully allergy free, lactose free and sugar free; the sugar contained in the green juices comes from the use of fruits. So everyone can taste freshly made organic vegetable juices without any health problems. The ingredients are cut into small portions to be used in the slow juicers. Slow juicers are CE approved and fully maintained for a perfect hygiene. Afterwards, the green juice sommelier will be available for more questions; the sahha-team will clean up and retrieve all the waste material. Sahha provides the glasses and the table cloths, and the attributes to organise a workshop.

What we need from you is electricity (each slow juicer requires 200W), water, a beamer for the projection of the presentation, enough tables, and light, and of course your enthusiasm and your full participation.
At the Green Star Elite formula, we go deeper into decorating the green juice as alternative to cocktails and take the time to make a real piece of art. We work with the new and classic techniques from SLOW JUICING. .


-From where do the ingredients come?

All ingredients used to make a green juice, are coming from a local organic farm or from the supermarket organic certified like bio-planet. No traces of pesticides will be found in any of the ingredients. We use preferably local organic vegetables because the slow drinks are raw vegetable drinks; no pasteurisation is made, no preservatives are used. We do not use any water into our juices, only vegetables juices; for one exception coconut water juice is sometimes used for a special recipe. All ingredients are cut on forehand, except for the pineapples for the making of the beet-uccino. Some ice cubes are used to maintain the juice fresh and cold.


-How many workshop can you choose from within 1 day?

ONLY one type of workshop can be chosen on the same day. If you need more days or more people to attend, please ask for a special quotation.

Is everything included in the price?

Yes everything is included. Additionally you get outstanding Service with my famous  big smile and my love to you all!

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